Pop My Lunch

Making UK lunches fun.

Awards and notable mentions:

The light-hearted popped crisp brand wanted to target the lunch market.

Our insight: people were lunching more at their desks and weren't happy about it. #SadDeskLunch was trending on Instagram and Twitter. Being a brand that thinks all meals should pop - we saw that as an opportunity and created the #PopMyLunch campaign to reverse those sad desk lunches.

We hired Jose Mendez, London-based artist and illustrator to help make the nation’s sad desk lunches pop with the #PopMyLunch campaign.

Over two weeks we found some of the saddest lunches and within 20-30 minutes made them pop with a surprise and delight style campaign.

All digitally popped lunches were followed by a sampling program that put Popchips in the hands of consumers to make their real lunches pop as well!

The campaign was executed on a small budget. To maximise it, we engaged all influences, traditional media and social media to give our message reach and credibility.

The Results

We reached more than 1 million lunches direct, and another 2 million via PR.