Launching a new online juice company.

Awards and notable mentions:

We started with a name and ended with a complete brand world, including packaging, website and an advertising launch plan.

The ‘Fort’ monogram was inspired by the Saint John’s Arms, a symbol of defence and strength. But you probably know it better as the common digital icon for ‘command’ on a Mac.

Starting from there, we developed the brand from the ground up, creating packaging, a tone of voice system and a mobile-first website with a powerful ordering system. We wanted flexibility and ease. We wanted to deliver a shortcut to health.

CPJ monogram
CPJ logo

Website, eshop and brand experience.

The CPJ website was launched as the centre of the brand world and as its shop front. We took care of the design, front end development and user journeys, our friends at PureBlue plugged our work into Magento to enable the shop functionality.

CPJ website preview in several devices.CPJ website preview in several devices.

To launch we created the CPJ Juice clinic, an interactive journey that allows consumers to find the right juice for their body, lifestyle and fitness regime.