Beefeater Gin: Global Relaunch

Returning Beefeater to Fame and Glory

Awards and notable mentions:

Right now, there is a global gin boom happening, the category is in huge growth, yet one of the most historically iconic brands, Beefeater, wasn’t getting their fair share of it.

With so many new gins launching, consumers felt Beefeater had become a tired brand. Our challenge was to find a new audience to align with and relaunch the brand globally to inspire them.

Beefeater Gin: Global Relaunch

Instead of talking up fantastical stories of Victorian times or magical botanicals (a sentiment that dominates almost every other brand in the the entire category) we set ourselves apart. We focused on the new generation of gin drinkers, those who are young, urban and real.

New brand world

We completely redesigned Beefeater’s brand world and created an urban and energetic design language that could be brought to life across all touch points - including a whole catalogue of new swag we created.

We were looking for a partner to help us translate creatively what being from London means in the 21st Century. With Impero we have found a team that is 100% aligned with our vision and they have been since day one.

- Eric Sampers, Brand Director Beefeater Gin.

Taking it to the streets

Across key markets (UK, Spain, Belgium and others) we launched a mixed out of home and digital campaign.

With our out-of-home campaign, we wanted to feel as though we’re a part of the fabric of the city.

- Adam Boita, Brand Director, Pernod Ricard UK

Creating an own-able serve

Establishing an ‘ask for it by name’ moment in the on-trade and in home, we created a new, easy to make signature G&T - the B&T.