7Up vs the heat

South American 16/17 Summer Campaign

Every summer, heat takes over the conversation in Latin American cities. People talk on the streets, in taxis, in newspapers and on the TV . But nowhere does the heat rise as quickly and burn as fiercely as it does on social media.

Stunt / Hero Film / TV Spot

We created a custom algorithm that tracked in real time heat related mentions on social media across 8 LatAm countries. These mentions fueled a ‘social thermometer’. The thermometer was brought to life through an interactive billboard attached to a container filled with 7Up in Buenos Aires. Every time the needle reached the red zone, the container opened delivering ice cold 7Up for everyone!

To bring it to life in digital we created social Heat Hacks - countless snackable pieces of content that brought to life 7UP’s summer promise: ‘It’s 7UP vs the Heat’.

Tying the whole campaign together was our campaign micro-site and always on conversation across Latin America.

7 Up website preview in several devices.